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Juneau (ADOPTED!) is an approximately 18 month old, Border Collie and Samoyed mix, weighing 40 lbs. He loves meeting new people, which is great, because he is so handsome and has the softest fur that people cannot resist wanting to pet him. Our boy is very affectionate, and is big on giving kisses, and sometimes gentle nibbles. He loves belly rubs, and asks for them by sitting, licking your hand and then rolling over belly up. He will even ask for hugs sometimes, by sliding his nose and head under your arm to ask for petting or to be held. He will then lean into you when you hold him. Juneau also is very good with other dogs and loves playing with them. As with many rescued dogs, he has a long list of wonderful qualities, and a short list of items that will need work.

Although when he feels secure and settled in a home, Juneau is calm and well behaved, he can be anxious if his people are gone. With some basic obedience training, he would be the perfect dog for almost any home, except for his single tough issue of being left alone. He will whine, cry, and give out stress barks when he feels alone or abandoned. We are seeking adopters who can have Juneau with someone all day, and who are experienced with, or willing to learn, how to slowly condition him to be calm when his people are not with him. We believe that he may be an excellent emotional support dog for someone who needs a dog to be with them at all times. Juneau and his human would understand and could support each other, and slowly work to gain confidence together.

Juneau is generally a very happy boy, and is especially joyful when outside or playing. He is a moderate energy guy. When in the house, he is very calm and mellow for a young dog. When happily settled in a home, Juneau is also very quiet and rarely barks. He will occasionally give out a single short bark to get his foster sister’s attention to invite her play, or sometimes when on leash and seeing dogs approaching.

He is friendly with other dogs, although he can be a little pushy in his eagerness to meet, and may annoy some dogs. Juneau and the 3 year old, female, cattle dog at his foster home get along great. They do a lot of playing and generally follow each other around. He is very submissive with her, and will go belly up, letting her put her paw on him. But, at other times when they are playing, wrestling and chase each other around, they play as equals. Juneau does not show any guarding behavior at all.  However, he is a bit of a thief. He will try to distract the other dog by pretending to be playful, and when they look up or get up from their toy or chewy, he will snatch or steal it from them.

At his foster home, he completely ignored the cats he has encountered, both inside and outside. He also completely ignored a flock of wild ducks that were on the ground about 3 feet from him. However, when at a new situation, he did chase the cats. We believe he just wanted to play, but the cats ran and hid. In a new home with cats, he would likely need a slow introduction to the cats. We have not yet seen him around children. He should be fine in a home with older children, but he maybe too rambunctious for small children when playing.

While he has the white fluffy fur of a Samoyed, Juneau definitely has herding breed traits. He has herders’ Velcro dog nature to be where ever his person is. He will be beside you, and each time you move around, he will follow you, including into the bathroom. If you slip away for a few minutes, when you return he will celebrate with a big greeting. He also herds the dog toys from around the house, and places them all in an organized pile on his dog bed; and then lays down next to the bed to watch his toys.

Juneau loves to play fetch with the frisbee, and will bring it to you, but he hasn’t learned how to catch them yet. He loves both squeaky and chew toys. An obsession he has is drinking water from a garden hose. He loves it. Juneau also is a chewer, and especially when inside. He is learning which items are OK to chew on. As a strong chewer, he will need chew toys that won't break his teeth (stuffed Kongs, bully sticks, flexible Nylabones, etc.).

Juneau is great riding in a car, and enjoys car rides. When walking on leash, he never pulls and pretty much heels when walking. Sometimes when in new or unusual situations or when seeing a dog he wants to meet, Juneau seems to get “information overload” and will bark, whine, and jump in place. This has been happening less as he has more experience meeting dogs on walks.

He is very eager to please, extremely smart, and a fast learner. Juneau does NOT try to get up on any of the furniture. He knows sit, and will come if a treat is involved. He can be stubborn too, such as his persistence about putting paws on counter and dining table (but does not beg for food), and wanting to greet people by jumping up on them. Occasionally, the puppy in him will grab a shoe to chew on, but he will give it up, when handed a toy in exchange.

Juneau is still a pup, who had almost no training before his current foster home. We believe that Juneau had been left outside most of the time, before being at the shelter. His fosters now have him pretty much house trained. At this point, he won’t go out the door by himself to let you know he has to go, yet. His adopters will need to continue managing and teaching him what is OK and what is not.

His fosters have been crating him during the day when they are away. He is not yet trained to go into the crate and does NOT go in on his own. Once inside the crate, he will whine a bit to tell you he is unhappy, but then settles down. If he is very tired, he has no problem being in the crate and left alone.

This dog is being fostered in Santa Cruz, CA.  If you are interested in meeting Juneau, please begin our pre-approval process by completing our adoption form at this link:  http://hittgv.org/index.php/adopt.  Please download and print the form to be completed. If you have questions about this dog, email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or leave a message at (707) 583-9583.

Pumpkin Spice is the sweetest, most adorable, loving and friendly 29 lb., and 10-11 month old package!  She loves everyone she meets. Our girl looks to be mostly red heeler, and border collie. She greets her people by giving cattle dog hugs - standing on her hind legs, she gently wraps her front paws around you.  Pumpkin wants to be close to people, and thinks she is a lap dog. Cuddling on the couch with someone is a favorite thing for her. She likes to rest her head on your lap or chest. At her foster home, her favorite person is a 7-year old little girl. The two of them cuddle together and jump on the backyard trampoline together.

As a social pup, Pumpkin also loves other dogs, being with them and playing with them. When playing, she likes to herd the other dogs around, by nudging and guiding them back. Pumpkin also learned how to jump up and down on the trampoline, and taught the other dogs how to play in it. When resting inside, she likes to be touching one of the other dogs in her foster home. If the other dogs are resting and she isn’t tired, she will seek out one of her people to follow around.

Pumpkin is still a young pup, with some very smart and energetic herding/working breeds in her. She has plenty of youthful energy, and needs a lot of opportunity to run and play throughout the day. Also, her very observant, curious, thinking brain could use a “job” or just things to keep her busy. Occasionally, when inside the house and feeling playful, just for fun, Pumpkin will grab something that isn’t a dog toy and run with it. If you catch her doing it and tell her “drop it,” she will.  At this point in her life, she will need continued supervision management throughout the day. This is NOT a dog for a home where she is left alone during the workday.

Pumpkin does have her own personal likes and dislikes. Although she and her canine foster sister llke to chase squirrels in the tree, Pumpkin is afraid of rabbits. We have not yet seen her around cats, but her fear of rabbits could be an indication of how she might react. She also hates water. Pumpkin will run from the hose, and hates getting a bath. She will try to jump out of the tub.

Our girl does NOT have any food or resource guarding at all. However, she is a fast eater who wolfs down her food. Her fosters are using a special bowl to slow down her eating speed.
Pumpkin is a good watch dog. When strangers come to the house, she will bark 2-3 times to let people know. She will also place herself between strangers and her 7-year old girl. She will not, however, do this for her adult humans.

Her fosters are working on crate training her, and making some progress. Pumpkin sleeps in the crate at night, but needs to know that others are also there in the room. If crated at night, her crate should be in the bedroom with people and/or other dogs. If left completely alone in a crate, she will whine and may rip up her bedding. She also seems fine when left alone in the crate during the day, when in same room with another crated dog. If she is super tired after a lot of exercise, on her own, she will go into her crate to nap.

In the morning, when Pumpkin is let out of her crate, she is ecstatic, and the first thing she will do is greet you by wrapping her front paws around you for a cattle dog hug, before heading outside for her morning pee.

Since Pumpkin is still very much a puppy, who is only just learning appropriate behavior, her new adopters will need to continue to work with her.  She is pretty much house trained, but sometimes when she is busy or having fun inside, and then feels like peeing, she forgets.  Her fosters are also still working on leash walking. As a pup, Pumpkin still wants to chew on her leash. While Pumpkin has not yet realized that she might find food on the counter, she has been found sitting on the kitchen counter looking out the window. When playing outside with the other dogs, Pumpkin also loves to dig for fun, especially when with one of the other dogs.

She is also a little mouthy, and will playfully nibble at your hands and/or arms when playing with you, or to let you know she wants something you have (her toy). When told to stop nibbling, she will stop. For this reason, if in a home with children, the should be 7 years old or older, respectful of, and know their boundaries with dogs.

Pumpkin would do best in a home with another dog. Because she is young, very busy, and still has several issues that need work, Pumpkin is NOT for a first time dog owner, or people who are too busy to supervise and manage her activities.

This dog is being fostered near Yuba City, CA.  If you are interested in meeting Pumpkin Spice, please begin our pre-approval process by completing our adoption form at this link:  http://hittgv.org/index.php/adopt.  Please download and print the form to be completed. If you have questions about this dog, call (916) 893-9517; or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or leave a message at (707) 583-9583.

Buttercup is the mother of these puppies.










Shorty (ADOPTED!) is the quietest and gentlest of the litter. He is a personal favorite of his fosters, who nicknamed him Shorty, as he is the only puppy that inherited his Mom’s short legs. We suspect that he also inherited his mother’s sweet, calm personality. He enjoys a good cuddle and seems to be able to sleep through almost anything – including loud noises and ear chewing by his brothers and sisters. He has white gloves on all four paws and waddling walk that can melt your heart.







Grandpa (ADOPTED!) This pup was lovingly nicknamed Grandpa, for his loose skin and long limbs. He is very playful and knows that hopping and rolling around will get him picked up and a well-deserved face full of kisses. Grandpa was the first pup to run and wag his tail. While the other puppies are all still in the puppy pen, his fosters frequently find him laying at their feet, leaving them bewildered as to how he got out of the puppy pen. We aren’t sure if he just wants to be with people, or if he has an adventurous soul.  With his long legs, he is the tallest of the bunch.







Cinnamon (ADOPTED!) at nearly 6-weeks old is showing what a big heart she has!  She is a very happy and loving pup, who is the first to greet you in the morning, with lots of kisses and wiggling her whole butt and tail. She is so excited and happy to welcome each new day and to love her people and siblings.  She has a comical, silly nature and is very expressive. If anyone is still in bed when she is in the house, she will wake you up by licking your face or nibbling on your toes. She likes to play with the other pups, and she can hold her own! She is a curious and sometimes independent girl, who may break off from the puppy pack to investigate interesting things around the house.








Champ (ADOPTED!) is built like a tank and is the leader of the pack. Champ was nicknamed for his stout build and in-charge nature. He wants to be the lead puppy and has mind of his own, but he is still a softie inside who loves a tummy scratch and falling asleep in your arms.









Scarlet (ADOPTED!) is our only patchwork pup, and our pretty princess. She is curious and smart – watching what the other puppies do, before joining in herself. She is handsy like her mother and uses her paws to reach for your face to bring you in for face licking.








Edison (ADOPTED!) is probably one of the happiest, sweetest, friendliest, most social, loyal, and easy going dogs, with the gentlest, most loving spirit. He is a very smart, playful boy, who loves and is great with all people, all dogs, and cats. He is good with children, too. His foster mom says that he has the biggest heart and is determined to be a good dog. Our best estimate is that he is between 12-18 months old, and is a Labrador and McNab/border collie mix, who weighs 56 lbs. Everyone who meets him loves him. Edison does have a fractured/dislocated elbow, which makes him a special needs dog. We are seeking adopters who are willing to let themselves fall in love with this wonderful boy, who is so full of life, and are willing to go on the journey of whatever the future holds for his injured elbow.

Edison loves the company of others, both human and dog. While he is a strong young dog who loves to bounce and play, he is also very respectful of other dogs, and is as gentle and sweet as can be with babies. When things are calm in the house, Edison will settle and lay at your feet.  He has a zest for life and s essentially a playful pup in an adult sized body. He would do well in a home with another dog, as he loves playing with other dogs. His fosters limit his outside running and chasing time, and Edison is just as happy, calmly playing rolling on the floor games with the other dogs. He is very good with small dogs, and will back away if they snap at him. In his long term foster home, he has a cat brother who is calm and used to dogs, and Edison has been excellent around him from the beginning.

He adores human attention and companionship, and more than anything, he wants his very own person/people, who he can be with as much as possible. If alone, he will happily entertain himself with toys. He rides very nicely and quietly in the car, and is doing well, with the help of a no pull harness, learning how to walk on leash. Our boy is very quiet, and has only barked once, when he thought a stranger was entering his foster home. He would be a good watch dog.

Edison is very bright and attentive, and is very eager to learn. It is clear that before we rescued him, no one had taken any time to teach him anything, and was probably neglected. He is now a sponge for learning. Edison looks for cues from people and wants to do the right thing. He also loves having a routine. He loves going to his bed at night, with his chewy bone and an extra pillow for resting his head. He sleeps through the night and stays in bed until his people get up. If he needs to go out, he will let you know.

When we rescued him on Oct. 19, he had been in the shelter for over 2.5 months, with an untreated, dislocated/fractured, front elbow. Because the injury is old, with scar tissue growing around it, the elbow cannot be repaired by surgery. Since Edison is using the leg, our orthopedic surgeon, and two other vets who examined him, all recommended leaving his leg as-is, rather than amputating it. The surgeon hopes that as scar tissue continues to grow around it, it will create a protective cushion around the elbow. Edison will need anti-inflammation and pain medication on and off on an ongoing basis, and should have joint supplements as a regular dietary supplement. Our vets agree that a surgical removal of his leg should be a last resort, and only if his elbow begins to cause him sharp pain and he can no longer bear weight on it. The veterinary specialist who examined him, was very impressed by his sweet and adoring personality. He believed that 90% of Edison’s personality is Lab.

Edison is truly a diamond in the rough. Once he understands the daily routines and what you want him to do, he will be the best companion you could want. Our boy needs people who have patience and experience working with energetic dogs. Although Edison has a limp, he does run and play on both front legs, like any other dog. His people must be willing to continue his training, and balance his playtime with low impact activities and rest.

If you may be interested in possibly adopting him, please complete our online Adoption Form (click on either the "Adopt" bar above). You can also call (707) 583-9583, or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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