Blitz (ADOPTED) is a red cattle dog mix, about a year old, and weighs about  30 lbs. Blitz is very sweet and loves to cuddle. In true cattle dog fashion, more than anything, he is looking to bond with his own person/people. He is very mindful of when you tell him something and will immediately do what you tell him. He is as loyal as they come and will never go far from you or from his home.

Blitz is great with other dogs, and loves to play with both people and dogs, and would be very happy in a home with another dog to play with. He is a moderate energy level dog, who is a super loving, happy, fun and silly guy. He loves toys and balls, and enjoys playing fetch with balls and frisbees.  He will bring toys to you to invite you to play. Blitz is a bit of a talker. He will grunt and groan when he is tired and resting or when he is trying to tell you he wants something.

He is completely housebroken, and currently in a house with cats and doing well with them. He rides very well in a car, and is learning to walk nicely on leash. Blitz would be a great agility or sport dog.  He is extremely attentive and eager to please - especially if you have treats! He is crate trained and knows several commands such as: sit, down, spin, drop, tug, turn, and come.

Since Blitz is mostly cattle dog/heeler, he needs people experienced with dogs, who can give him structure and clear direction. He is a little fearful when some strangers enter his home and will want to run to the door and bark. He needs people who can make him understand that he is safe and that it is not his job to sound the "intruder alert." He is very responsive when you tell him to stop and will come right back to you.  As with other young cattle dogs, his people need to give him plenty of one-on-one time, and work with him to give him guidance to learn what is appropriate and how to channel his desire for a purpose and to keep his very quick brain occupied. His desire to please, treat motivation, and both mental and physical quickness are the reasons we believe he would be a great agility or other sport dog.  He can be a bit 'mouthy' and sometimes tries to communicate using his mouth. For this reason, he may not do well in a home with small children. 



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