Chance (Adopted) is sweet as they come.  She is a border collie and cattle dog mix, about 1 year old.  Her personality seems to be more border collie, as she is quiet, reserved, and very attentive.  She also holds her gorgeous tail low, like a border collie, and has the softest fur. 

Chance very much wants to bond closely with someone, and adoringly follows her foster mom (and dad) around the house.  She ignores the resident cats in her foster home. Chance is a very sweet soul, who wants to please.  She needs people who will help build her confidence, as she is a little unsure of herself and timid in new situations or around new people.  When outside, Chance loves to play and run. 

She quickly learned to use a doggie door to go out to do her business.  She does not seem to have any bad habits - no chewing or digging, etc.  She is great about checking in with her people, and does not try to escape or run off. Her foster mom says she will make someone the best Christmas present EVER!


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