Hank (ADOPTED!) is an incredibly sweet, happy, 6-8 year old, neutered, male cattle dog, who weighs 33 pounds. He is very friendly and warm, greeting strangers on the street with plenty of wags. In the home, Hank is very much a velcro dog, who loves to be around his people. From day one, Hank has been very trusting and affectionate with his foster mom, constantly wagging his tail to show her how happy he is to be with her.  When you are sitting down, he often uses this as an opportunity to ask you for a pet, by placing a paw on your knee. Hank’s other move is to roll onto his back to beg for belly rubs and more hands-on attention. Our boy has a very calm energy and is perfectly happy to snooze at your feet. However, when it’s time for a walk he is very enthusiastic and eager to sniff and explore. When walking on leash, Hank is a dream, walking right at your side, with no pulling or lunging. He will learn quickly and train easily, as he is naturally eager to please and is also quite treat motivated.

When meeting other dogs of all sizes, Hank is very friendly, and would likely do well in a home with another dog. He is NOT a dominant dog, but does show some herding tendency around small dogs. When he meets small dogs, he is calm and polite, but will use his nose to continually nudge them from behind. He doesn’t do this with medium and larger sized dog, and seems to be a bit more submissive around them. Hank has greeted children calmly, and doesn’t even seem to notice the cats that we come across on walks. He has a healthy appetite, and does NOT guard resources or food. He doesn’t appear to have much interest in toys yet. Hank is great in the car and will plop right down and snooze for the ride. He is polite in the house and does not try to get up on any furniture. He is good at pretty much sleeping through the night on his dog bed or on the carpet in his foster mom’s bedroom. Hank has NOT exhibited any destructive behavior or separation anxiety. HIs foster mom has yet to hear Hank bark, and says th
at he is generally a very content and calm boy.

Since he has only been out of the shelter for a few days, Hank and his fosters are still learning how to communicate and understand each other. He is learning how to let people know when he needs to go outside, but had a couple of accidents in the first two days. Being a slightly older boy, Hank’s teeth show the signs of a past owner who did not provide him with the attention that this sweet boy deserves. Also, as with some dogs as they get older, he has a few fatty lumps under the skin, on his torso. We are in the process of a full veterinary work-up for Hank, and plan to schedule a full dental exam and cleaning for him. Once Hank gets used to a life of good food and care, we believe he will be in good shape for many, many years to come. He is the sweetest of souls, who is great at getting along with everyone.  We are seeking someone who will appreciate this charming and very loving boy, who wants his own person to partner with, more than anything.

If you are interested in meeting Hank, please begin our process by completing our adoption form (online form or download and complete a hard copy).  At our website (hittgv.org), click on the "Adopt" tab near the top of the page,
and scroll down the page for the online Adoption Form.  If you have specific questions about Hank, you can also email his foster mom at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or if you have questions about our adoption process, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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