Rocket (ADOPTED!) is an Australian cattle dog and Australian shepherd mix, between 3.5 and 4 months old.  She currently weighs 15 lbs. Her foster chose this name, because she is the more silly, playful pup, who gets the zoomies, running around the house frequently throughout the day. Rocket and her sister were found living in a field, and after seeing them for four days, the landowner realized that they would starve if nothing was done to help them.

Of the two pups, Rocket is the social butterfly. She is spry, energetic, and loves to run and play with other dogs. She has an easy going, happy, very loving personality. She is very free with her kisses. However, if a situation becomes noisy or chaotic Rocket will run to hide in a protected space. Even when she is relaxed and playful, she will frequently hang out under a coffee table or other cave-like space. Sudden moves or loud sounds will send her running for cover. For this reason, she would not be suitable in a household with young children.

This pup is fine with cats.  Because she likes protected spaces Rocket is good relaxing in a crate. Currently, her foster is working to get her to used to walking on leash. Although she will walk on leash, if you try to direct her with a tug at the leash, she will panic and struggle.


She is an adorable playful puppy now, but similar to her sister, Rocket will need a home where she can get plenty of mental and physical activity, and people who will continue the work of socializing her throughout the day, and teaching her basic manners and routines. Rocket needs people who have experience with and understand herding breeds. This is NOT a pup who should be left alone in the house for several hours during the workday.

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