Remi (ADOPTED!) is a super sweet natured, happy, friendly, and loving girl. She weighs 39 lbs. and we estimate she is 15-18 months old. For a young cattle dog, Remi is very calm, moderate energy girl. While she likes to play a bit with her little sister and the other family dogs, Remi’s favorite activity is hanging out with, and being beside her human. She enjoys meeting new people, and is very friendly and social with them. Her foster mom says that Remi is a “total love bug.”  Like her more timid sister (Cedar), Remi enjoys cuddling and would love to be in your lap.

At her foster home, Remi is great with everyone, mom, dad, their toddler. She is good with the other dogs, but she prefers spending time with her people. Remi adores the family toddler and gives him kisses throughout the day. She also enjoys showing her foster dad how much she loves him. If the other dogs are trying to interact with her and she is not interested, she will give a soft grumble to let them know she wants to be left alone. It is only communication, and she never escalates further. When seeing the resident cat, she ignored him.

We feel sure that Remi and her sister had been outside only dogs, before coming to their foster home. While Remi probably also had very limited experience with anything outside of their original yard, before arriving at her current foster home, she seems more social, outgoing and willing to enter new situations than her timid younger sister. Remi walks fairly nicely on leash; and when off leash, she will walk at your side. She is doing well with her potty training, by being let outside every few hours, but it’s a work in progress. Both Remi and her sister, love being inside the house, and will not go outside unless their foster mom goes out with them. Once outside, they will follow her around and play with the other dog.

Similar to her sister, Remi is very quiet, and seldom barks. She is also just beginning to learn how to be a dog, and discovering dog toys. She has made a few mistakes, thinking that similarly sized household items are toys (i.e. TV remote, etc.) and began chewing or playing with them. Once told no, Remi will drop it, walk away, and not return to it. She was not previously introduced to balls, and has no interest in chasing them. Remi is NOT nippy, and has NOT shown any strong herding tendencies. Her strongest cattle dog personality trait is her velcro nature.

Remi is a very good eater, and could benefit from a little weight loss. During meals, when she has finished her food, if nearby, she will move into her sister’s food bowl. Her fosters are managing this, to prevent her from eating double portions. Remi has no food or resource guarding/aggression. Her foster can reach into her bowl while she is eating.

While Remi is a very happy and social girl, who very much wants to please, as with her more timid sister, if voices get raised or she hears any yelling, Remi will also become fearful. In the same way as her sister, Remi is constantly afraid that she may be in trouble all the time for doing something wrong.

Remi would love to go where ever her person goes. If her human leaves the house, she will whine her sadness for several minutes, and may paw at the door a little, in an attempt to get her to return or to try and follow. It would be ideal if Remi’s person, worked from home or could bring her to work, or is retired. Remi would not do well in a situation where she was left alone for most of the day. She is not crate trained and does not like going into a crate. Remi probably was never in a car before. She is fearful of getting into a vehicle, and will get motion sickness on long rides. Her foster mom is working with her, and learning to ride in a vehicle is a work in progress.

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