Misty (ADOPTED!) is a very sweet, gentle, timid, 11 mo. old girl, who weighs 35 lbs. She is half Border Collie and half Catahoula. She is an instant celebrity wherever we go because she’s such a beauty!
As a small puppy, she was sold to a pig hunter, who beat her because she had no prey drive. Before I became her foster, Misty spent 6 weeks in a kennel, and is just now learning about the world, and how to trust people. While she is cautious and hesitant in new situations, Misty can relax and become confident around people who approach her gently and with patience. She is initially more comfortable meeting women, but can relax around gentle and loving men as well.

I have had her for 3 weeks, and she is coming out of her shell and showing her true cute and fun personality. There is a happy, playful nature in this petite girl. As Misty becomes more comfortable, more of her silly personality is emerging. When she’s really happy, she gets a burst of energy and runs around like a rocket for a few minutes, taking in the exciting new world she lives in. Her favorite game is fetch, and she’s wonderful at dropping the ball or toy for you.

She walks well on leash and adores her walks, to where she knows that word. When Misty wakes up in the morning, she’s ready to play, but settles down nicely, especially after a long walk or a game of fetch. She is not a night owl, and starts yawning around 8pm and sleeps through to the morning. Misty is completely housebroken, and has never had an accident.

Misty passively lets me handle her mouth and feet, and shows no signs of food or toy guarding. She is extremely intelligent and learns quickly. This is a dog who will need lots of mental stimulation and physical exercise to keep her busy.

When going to the dog park, it takes a while for her to warm up, but she eventually joins in for a game of chase with dogs she feels comfortable with. She’s very inquisitive, and even when just observing, you can see the interest in her eyes as she watches the fun. She is often fearful at first, with tail between her legs if she feels threatened, but has shown no signs of aggression. I have noticed that she seems to be more drawn towards male dogs, and tends to be less afraid of dogs smaller than herself, although I have seen her play with a few larger dogs. I don’t have other animals in my home, and have not observed her around cats, but she has shown some curiosity towards squirrels in our backyard and will run towards them.

She rarely barks. it’s only when she’s playing and very happy or excited. When she does playfully bark, it’s the cutest thing. She eats well and loves her Kong filled with treats when I leave. I stayed home with her for the first week, then started leaving her for longer periods and she just seems to curl up and sleep when I’m gone (I can see her bed from my front door). My daughter observed that she whined a bit when I left, but settled down quickly.  I do try to make sure she has her chewies when I leave.

As a young dog, Misty will need several toys to satisfy her desire to chew. She may chew on blankets, which is likely a habit from being kenneled for 6 weeks. She probably chewed her bedding to pacify her sadness an boredom. If she finds household items, should be gently redirected to her chew toys.

She likes shoes and socks, and will impishly grab and run away with things she knows she’s not supposed to have. We are working on that, especially with shoes. Misty discovered that taking a dip in our pond was the coolest thing ever. Since the pond is not so clean, I don’t encourage this, and I’ve noticed that if I start walking away rather than scold her, she gets the message that maybe it’s not so fun.

My dream for this sweet beautiful little herder is for her to find a loving, gentle, patient home and be appreciated for the wonderful dog that she is. She will benefit from being with guardians who understand her timid nature and who are willing to continue to help her build her confidence. It will be important for Misty to spend time with all members of her adoptive household, because she did form an early strong bond with me only, and probably would be better off bonding with more than one family member so that she’s not so dependent on one person.

She will thrive on a lot of exercise, whether hiking or running, playing ball or with other dogs. This is crucial for her mental and physical well-being. This intelligent and loving girl will brighten your life and make you laugh. I hope that someone falls in love with her as I have. She truly deserves a wonderful home and will reward you with her devotion and companionship.

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