Augie (ADOPTED!) is a 15-18 months old, 41 pound boy, who is very friendly, full of life and kisses. He meets everyone with a tail wag, and has a very happy disposition. He is a moderate energy guy, but as a young dog, he needs daily exercise. Augie wants to play and walk first thing in the morning. Once he has had his morning exercise, he is mellow for the rest of the day and content to hang out with his people. He does, however, have youthful exuberance and if you are up for it, he is always up for playing or a hike or some exercise. Augie is a “Velcro," or maybe a super glue dog, who wants to be with his person or his pack more than anything. In the sweetest, most loving way, he wants to sit by your side every chance he gets. He also enjoys snuggling on the couch with his person.

Augie loves his walks! When the leashes come out, he runs to the door and sits calmly waiting to be leashed. He may tug a little a first because he's so excited to get out in the world, but he quickly settles into a nice pace by your side. Augie is very responsive to cues from both humans and other dogs. If told Leave It, he will do so immediately.
He knows Sit, frequently comes when called, and is learning to take treats gently. He sometimes jumps up on people and counters and is being taught "Off!" Augie is a quick and eager learner.

Augie is a quiet boy who rarely barks--even when the other dogs are barking. So far, his foster mom has only heard him bark a couple of times when someone has come to the door.  He is very well mannered in the house, and hangs out quietly.

He has met some dogs very nicely, both male and female, but may not like every dog he meets. Augie gets very excited about meeting other dogs he sees. He is very balanced, and not naturally a dominant dog. Will not challenge another more dominant dog. However, if an unknown dog is acting up, by barking or lunging behavior, Augie will respond the same way. If another is fine, he is fine. He seems to take his cues from the energy of the other dog. He liked his foster sister (an female ACD) at their very first meeting.

Augie loves playing tug-of-war and hanging out with his foster sister. We think he would do well with a mellow, easy going, or playful dog. He would also be fine as an only dog. He enjoys playing with toys. There may be a scuffle for a toy if playing fetch with one ball and two dogs.  We have not seen him interact with small children, but with older kids, he is friendly and polite. He has a high prey drive and would not do well in a household with cats. Augie enjoys car rides, and needs more rides to fun destinations.

Augie was rescued after a month in a shelter kennel. As a result, he does not like being kenneled or crated. His foster mom is working on crate training him with positive reinforcement. If another dog approaches his food or a toy he has, he does sometimes give a little warning growl, but his foster mom has been working with him and seen improvement. Augie has shown some herding tendencies. He sometimes nips at other dogs’ heels and is gently mouthy, sometimes taking his foster mom's foot or arm into his mouth to play,

Augie has the potential to be the perfect pet. We are seeking adopters who will continue teaching him boundaries, appropriate behavior, and giving him more exposure to new things in the world. If you are interested in meeting and possibly adopting Augie, we ask that you first complete our adoption questionnaire, which is the first step of our adoption process. At our website (, please click on the Adopt tab near the top of the page, and scroll down to find the online Adoption Form.


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