Cisco (ADOPTED!) is between 1 and 2 years old and weighs 48 lbs. He is a charming, incredibly loving, smart, silly, playful and sometimes pushy cattle dog, who adores human attention. Cisco’s natural core personality is a submissive, goofy, fun-loving guy. He often wakes up his foster mom in the morning with a sweet cuddle and kisses. He quickly bonds with his very own people and dogs, and wants to be right next to them all the time. Cisco is very responsive and eager to learn. He is easy when handled ― and allows his fosters to touch his ears, face, and paws easily. When petted, he relaxes and often lays down for belly rubs. 

Cisco has good house manners. He is very observant, and quickly learned several basic commands―sit, stay, off, leave it, etc. He now sits patiently before he gets his food and to have his leash put on. At mealtimes, once he’s done eating, he waits politely for his foster sisters to finish eating before he goes over to lick both their bowls. He willingly goes into his crate when told “in your bed.” He often takes naps in it on his own. 

He loves to play with his foster sisters. Cisco is mostly submissive with them, but will sometimes playfully take toys away from them. He would need to be paired with a happy, tolerant dog who wouldn’t mind this, as he learns more manners.

However, Cisco is also a work in progress. Before we rescued Cisco, he was obviously never exposed to or learned things that most household dogs know from an early age. We do not believe he had ever been walked on leash before, but is learning good leash manners now. Cisco also did not know how to play with toys when we rescued him, but now he has his favorites that he carries around throughout the day. Initially, he was nervous about getting in the car, but he has learned to enjoy car rides to fun destinations. He rides nicely in the backseat or in the front as your co-pilot. He does not like to be left alone, and gets a little anxious, but will eventually settle.

At his core, Cisco is a submissive dog, who doesn't want any trouble. However, due to his unknown traumatic past, he can be extremely reactive when first encountering some dogs and people. Once he realizes that another dog is friendly, he and figures out that he is safe, he gets over his initial reactiveness, and is good with people and other dogs. For this reason, he needs adopters who have experience working with reactive dogs.

Cisco has two HITTGV fosters working with him and with professional trainers to reduce his reactivity and get him on the right path in life. As he continues to be exposed to positive new experiences, his fosters are seeing his confidence grow and his behavior improve steadily. Because he sometimes panics when seeing strange dogs, and reacts by pulling and snapping indiscriminately, he may accidentally bite those standing nearest to him. At times, we still use a soft muzzle for him, when there may be a chance of meeting unknown dogs or people. He has grown into great relationships with both foster people and their dogs.

The ideal situation for Cisco is in a mature, calm household (no children), with people who are experienced dog handlers who can gently train him, while building his trust and confidence, and discouraging his reactive tendencies.

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