Carls (ADOPTED!)  fosters named this good hearted boy, Carl, after the "Good Dog, Carl," children’s books. Our boy has an Australian Cattle Dog’s stocky shape and build, with the coloring and head of a German Shepherd. He weighs 56 lbs. and is 18 to 20 months old. Carl has the cattle dog desire to be with his people, and is a gentle soul. He does NOT have the pushy or willfulness of a cattle dog. He is just a happy, bouncy, playful boy, who wants to please and be with his people, and to be everyone’s friend - all humans, dogs and cats.

When meeting and playing with other dogs, he is very respectful, yet also playful. He plays well with all dogs, including dominant, bossy females. He wants the cats to play and at his foster home to play with him, and does play bows to them. If a cat doesn’t want to play, Carl is NOT pushy, and he will respectfully go away. If cats run, he will playfully chase and gently play tag with them. Carl enjoys and is good with the small children he has met. However, because of his jumping and exuberant zoomies, especially in the house, he can easily accidentally knock down people who are unstable on their feet, including children.

Carl is a moderate energy dog, who is quiet 80% of the time - relaxing with you around the house, or self entertaining with his squeaky toys. As a young dog, he does need daily exercise, to actively run around for a half hour or more, at least twice a day. This can be running/jogging, throwing the ball for him, or some other active tongue hanging out exercise. This will keep him more relaxed when inside, but won’t stop his spontaneous bursts of happy energy, when he thinks something thrilling is about to happen.

Our boy does have puppy-like personality. When he thinks something fun or really good is about to happen, like getting a treat or going for a walk, he can’t contain his excitement. He gets the zoomies and races around the house in glee. He sometimes leaps straight up, with all paws in the air, like a giant Jack Russell terrier. During these times, you just need to wait for him to calm down, and then reward the good behavior. He will calm in about 5-6 minutes. Carl also has a cattle dog’s sense of humor. When he can’t wait to go outside or to do something fun, he will often use his nose to push you from behind, to make you go faster. Other times he will use his front paw and poke you to hurry up.

Carl loves squeaky, plush toys. He flings and plays with his favorite toys.  He should not be given rawhide and hard chew toys or bones. Carl is a hard chewer and will try to devour chew toys and rawhides in seconds, breaking them into large chunks that he can swallow.

Carl is completely house broken. He enjoys car rides. On leash, he walks nicely with you and does not pull. He may only pull a bit, if he sees a squirrel or another dog he wants to meet. Carl does NOT like going into a crate, and will become very anxious and stressed in a crate. He is so good in the house, that he doesn’t need to be crated.

Carl is a very quiet boy. He has a high pitched cattle dog stress bark when frustrated or upset. His big dog bark has only been heard a couple of times when he heard another dog barking.

Carl is a very smart guy. He is naturally well behaved in the house and a wonderful inside family dog. We believe he was previously an outside dog and never learned that he shouldn’t jump up on people, or that paws should not be on the kitchen or dining table. He is learning quickly and follows the rules at his foster home, but will need continued work. Currently, he knows Sit and Leave It.

Carl sleeps in the bedroom with his fosters. If he needs to go out in the middle of the night, he will gently nudge them with his nose, lick their hand, or put his paw up on the mattress to let them know to let him out. He will also let them know this way, when it’s time to get up, too.  

Carl is a very healthy, happy, playful boy. He has tested heartworm negative in three recent tests conducted by U.C. Davis, and at the Davis Small Animal Clinic. When we first rescued Carl in mid-March, he tested positive for heartworm. On the confirming test, before the U.C. Davis specialist was to begin his heartworm injection treatment, Carl’s test result was negative. Treatment was postponed and we ordered two more tests, which were also negative. The U.C. Davis veterinary faculty unanimously agreed that we should presume that Carl does not currently have heartworm, and continue with regular monthly heartworm prevention pills, and re-test him in 6-months to re-reconfirm. Our hope is that he remains negative, but should he test positive and require treatment, it will be covered by HITTGV with the funds we raised for his treatment, when his initial tests were heartworm positive. If treatment is necessary, as a young and otherwise very healthy dog, he should make a full recovery and be able to live a very full and normal life afterwards.

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