ADOPTED! Violet  This cute little couple came to HITTGV in April. They were found together and their special bond makes us believe that they are mother and daughter. Penny (red, of course!) is thought to be mom. Both are happy, playful, and full of love for people.

ADOPTED! Penny: Penny is about 2 years old and weighs 30 lbs. She is a very happy and loving girl, very submissive, and at first she is very shy. Once she realizes she is safe, she will come out of her shell and become very playful.  Penny has a lot of personality and is extremely smart.  She craves human companionship and affection.  All she wants to do is crawl into someone's lap, gaze into their eyes, and give kisses.  She will beg for attention by rolling on the ground in front of you, to submissively ask for petting and your approval.

Penny definitely has the cattle dog quality of wanting to bond with one or two people.  Once she becomes familiar with her surroundings, she becomes more confident about going out and sniffing around on her own, and doesn't feel the need to always be one step away from you. 

She will need  to be exposed to new experiences, and will need to learn some basic commands.  Penny is a very fast learner and, if she knows what you want, she will try to do whatever you ask of her.  We believe she had been in a situation where she was always caged or confined and never taken anywhere, never taught anything, and generally neglected.  After only 3-days in her current foster home, Penny is quickly learning the routine and how to live in a home.  She seems to be completely house trained, and crate trained.  However, she does not need to be in a crate, and will sleep quietly through the night on her dog bed.
Penny is a great little dog and will be the best companion for someone willing to take the time to  teach her about the world, and give her the love and attention she desperately craves.


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