Zak is a 2 year old male, most likely a Dutch Shepherd and Aussie Shepherd mix, and weighs between 40 and 45 lbs. He is super friendly with people and does well with other dogs. He does not have a dominant personality, does not guard his food or resources, and shows no aggression at all. He does well with cats, although if the cat runs he will want to chase it. Zak is very energetic and playful. He loves to play ball and is an excellent catcher. 
Zak is also very good with children. Minutes after he arrived from the shelter we took him for a walk and a woman with two girls, about 6 and 8 years old, approached us. Zak immediately made a play bow to the smaller girl, inviting her to play with him. However, he may not be suitable for a household with very young children, who could be knocked down by Zak as he likes to jump up on people in his exuberance to play.
Zak is very smart and catches on quickly. He is also very eager to please people. These two traits will make him easy to train as Zak will need to learn some basic obedience training. He also accepts correction very well, by lying down if he has been corrected for an action. Zak tends to walk fairly well on leash, but sometimes in his eagerness to explore the world he will pull.
Although Zak is a young adult, he is very much a pup at heart, and would do well in a household that will give him all the play time and companionship that he craves. He would probably do well with another dog to play with.


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