altBadger    (Adopted!)   is a fun loving character, with a zest for life! We were told that he is about 18 months old, but he has the lively, playful personality and energy of a young pup. This guy is super happy, playful, and loves people.  He is eager to meet people, with the expectation of playing. He is extremely attentive, has great eye contact, and will stay with you when off leash.  As a typical cattle dog, Badger is very loving and will bond closely with his people. He also has lots of energy and loves to use it chasing and fetching the ball, although he does have a problem committing to which ball! Click here to see proof!

 Badger weighs about 40 lbs. and has the soft coat of a semi-adult pup. Badger has learned several commands (sit, down, come, etc.).  He now walks well on leash, and has calmed down and learned quite a bit since we have gotten him.  He is also house trained and is good with cats.
Badger will need lots of physical and mental exercise. He is a very smart boy and took just a few tries to learn to use a doggie door. He loves toys of all kinds. Badger is excellent at playing catch and fetching tennis balls that are thrown a long distance. He is learning to sit calmly in anticipation of chasing a far flung tennis ball. After he has had several good runs, Badger will calm down and become much more receptive to training and commands. 
Badger will need very consistent training in how to be polite and to control his excitement. This boy will need someone who is experienced with cattle dogs and positive training, with calm authority. 

Being a cattle dog – or heeler - Badger has a tendency to be very mouthy and nippy. His foster dad has taught him not to jump up on people or use his mouth to get attention.  He now greets people calmly and stays on all fours. 

In summary, Badger is a terrific, but still very young, diamond in the rough. He needs someone willing to give him the attention and playtime he craves, mixed in with the patient, consistent training he needs. Due to his high energy, he would do best on country property, and/or in an active household.  We do not recommend Badger for families with small children, because of his mouthiness, and possible desire to jump up on people when excited.  Badger will need someone who can give him ongoing and consistent training on appropriate behavior.



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