Kasey (Adopted!) is a quiet and very devoted girl, who wants nothing more than her own person to adore and share experiences with. She loves hiking, playing in the water, and doing anything her person wants to do. Kasey is a perfect dog for someone who wants the close companionship and that special cattle dog bond, without the requirement for high energy activities. She is 5-6 years old and weighs 37 lbs.
Kasey is completely house trained and walks wonderfully on leash. She also loves to ride in the car. Kasey is very eager to please and responds instantly to verbal correction and direction. Although her former owners did not work with her on basic commands, she is extremely attentive, smart and learns very quickly. Kasey knows how to sit, and we are teaching her a few other commands.
Although Kasey is a quiet, calm, with moderate exercise needs, she is still a cattle dog, who will need mental stimulation, regular activity, and people who will provide clear and consistent direction as to what is appropriate and what is not. This dog does NOT want to be the leader of the house, but in the absence of any clear direction or leadership, or if left to decide for herself, she will create her own 'job' and house rules. So far, in her foster home, she has been very polite, observing cues from the other dogs, and constantly "checking in" for direction from her humans.
Kasey is most comfortable around women and warms up to them quickly. She is a little cautious, with a wait and see attitude, when first meeting anyone. She is very wary around most men, and takes longer to feel relaxed around them. Based on her crooked right ear and preference not to meet other dogs, Kasey likely had some bad dog encounters.  If a strange dog approaches her too quickly or closely on the street, Kasey may snarl a warning, as a protection mechanism. However, with a proper introduction and upon learning that other dogs are friendly, she is fine with them. Kasey very quickly transitioned into a foster home with three other dogs, and is learning the house routines from them.
Although Kasey would do best as an only dog, having her person all to herself, she also may do well in a household with another friendly, yet more dominant dog.  She is very respectful of dominant dogs, but can be a pushy pest to a more submissive dog.  Her first love will be her person. We have not seen her with cats, but she did stay well away from two pot bellied pigs and ignored chirping, running ground squirrels that she saw.


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