Cowboy (ADOPTED!) is a young dog, between 1-2 years old, of moderate energy, and weighs about 58 lbs. He is an extremely friendly boy, who is great with all people and dogs. This boy is a bit shy and unsure of himself in new unfamiliar situations. He loves to play with fuzzy toys and run to fetch the ball. He is ready to play, if you signal that it's play time, but he is also willing to sit quietly, when he sees that it's time to relax and be calm. He is NOT a chewer. 

In true cattle dog fashion, he wants to stay very close to his person. He enjoys human contact and to be petted. He is a very grateful, loving dog, eager to trust and belong somewhere. He is very big on giving kisses (nice kisses --not slobbery ones). On his first evening with his foster mom, he was so grateful for his food, that every few bites, he would go over to give her kisses. Cowboy loves to be petted, and will drop to the ground and go belly up to beg for more. He is very attentive and responsive to people. He is very good about coming when called.

Cowboy is very quiet and has very good manners inside the house. When we first rescued him, he was super excited and jumped up on us desperately begging us to save him. After a single night in his new foster home, the only time he may jump up, is very gently to give you kisses. He tries to be careful not to bowl people over. Cowboy very much wants a person of his own and will bond quickly with someone. He seems to understand that he needs to fit in. He is very smart, and tries very hard to figure out how to do what is expected of him. Even when confused, tries to figure out what you want. He very much wants to please and will be easy to train.
Cowboy is beginning to understand how to walk on leash. He knows sit and lay down, although, as a young dog, when excited or confused may forget these commands. His foster mom has just begun taking him to obedience training classes. Although Cowboy is gentle when he is thinking about his actions, he can be very powerful when very excited and stimulated. He is very strong and muscular and, in his desire to meet other dogs, can pull very hard on leash, or bowl you over if playing hard. In normal circumstances, and with verbal guidance, he understands not to pull, and will be gentle on leash.
Cowboy is also curious and wants to be friends with other dogs. He is submissive around other dogs, and will immediately submit around a more dominant dog. He is also pretty much house trained, with his foster mom is working with him on it. Cowboy seems to know and is fine with cats. He does NOT chase cats.
We believe Cowboy's tendency to be shy and a little afraid in new, unfamiliar situations, could be the result of a very sheltered life, and lack of exposure to new things. Cowboy needs a bit of confidence building, and exposure to new places and situations in the world. He needs people who will show him fun activities in new places, while letting him know he is safe, loved and secure.


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