Cheyenne Rose (Adopted) After months in a shelter system seeing her pups grow and get adopted, Cheyenne Rose became our rescue dog. Here is our Cheyenne Rose in her new and very happy home! As you can see, everyone is thrilled!

She is possibly the best dog anyone could ask for. She is great with everyone, every animal, completely trained, responds instantly, and is as happy, friendly and sweet as they come. She weighs 50 lbs. and is about 2 years old.

When it's time to play, Cheyenne Rose loves to play ball or chase a frisbee. When it's time to be inside, she knows it's quiet time to rest. Cheyenne Rose is excellent with cats, children, all dogs, and people. She is also fine around chickens and horses. She walks well on leash, but is almost better when off leash! Cheyenne Rose will listen and respond to commands immediately. If called to 'come' she will be at your side and sit instantly. Cheyenne Rose also knows sit, stay, down, and probably other commands that we are not aware of.

Cheyenne Rose is house-trained. During the short time at her foster home, she has learned to use a doggie door. One of the other dogs also taught her how to open the sliding glass door with her nose. She loves to ride in a car or truck and will jump right in. Cheyenne Rose is quiet and fine when left alone in a vehicle or at home.

We rescued Cheyenne Rose from a shelter, where she had been in their system for months. She had a litter of puppies at the shelter, and raised her litter. Her babies were all adopted, but Cheyenne Rose remained. Someone fostered her for the shelter, long enough to recover from nursing and then her spay surgery. When she was returned to the shelter into the 'adoptable' dogs section, Cheyenne Rose became extremely depressed and withdrawn. She sat sadly at the back of her kennel, and was soon no longer considered 'adoptable.' Her only option was to be rescued or PTS. The day we took her, she was the happiest girl you could ever meet, bursting with love and affection for everyone she met.

Cheyenne Rose's foster dad says she is a "total sweetheart" and "just a great dog." We cannot say enough good things about this girl. In short, this is a fantastic dog!


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