Happy Tails

Cisco  (ADOPTED!)  is a very gentle soul, with a compliant and extremely loving, sweet disposition. We estimate that he is about 10 to 12 months old. He weighs about 30 lbs.  Cisco loves people and is very eager to please.  He is also very big on giving kisses and loves to cuddle. There is not a mean bone in his body. Cisco tends to be somewhat shy, and more so around sudden and unexpected movements.  He is also initially a bit standoffish with men, but warms up quickly, especially if they have treats. 

He is great with and likes other dogs. He is very respectful of them and, depending on the dog, can be very playful with them. Cisco is a moderate energy level dog. He is NOT a super active or high energy guy. He likes toys and is ball dog in training, as he loves to carry a ball around with him. Cisco is very food and treat motivated (pigs ears are his favorite!).  He is very gentle and delicate when taking treats from your hand. Coupled with his strong desire to please, he is an easy boy to train.

Toto (ADOPTED) who is a Glen of Imaal Terrier, was nicknamed Cuddle Bug at the shelter and is a very sweet dog of about two years of age. So far we see a quiet little guy who after spending two months in a shelter is looking for someone with whom he can trust and form a loving bond. At this point he seems a little unsure of his surroundings and whether or not he is really free to be happy, but has exhibited no negative behaviors at all. Toto is the ultimate low key guy, getting along with everybody and shows no signs of separation anxiety. He is the perfect lap dog and looking for someone who is content to provide a nice, cozy environment where he can thrive.

NEW - Notes from Toto's foster, who has a cat rescue, says that he gets along fine with her cats and kittens (one of which likes to be in his crate with him) and has only chased after her outdoor cat (when it runs) in a normal dog fashion but immediately stops when told to do so. Toto also gets along well with the foster's pug, and enjoys spending the day in the yard sniffing and exploring. True to his breed, this dog is not a shrinking violet, being quite sturdy and robust. Also he is not as vocal as most terriers but when he does bark it is the bark of a larger dog rather than a yap.

Lily (Adopted)  arrived on the Friday before Christmas and at only 25 lbs. is a little bundle of joy! She is a very quiet, gentle, super sweet girl who loves people. She is about 18 mos. old.

Although she has no tail, she is so happy and excited when someone pays attention to her, that she wiggles her whole butt. She loves and will beg for belly rubs and human affection and as you can see by the picture on the right, she if very serious about her belly rubs! Cuddling is also one of her specialties. She is good with other friendly dogs.

Lily is a such a wonderful dog! She came into our house and didn't miss a beat opening up right away to show her true colors, a quiet, loving, cuddly little girl. During the day she loved the crate but had to be coaxed in at bedtime. Once established there, she slept without incidence through the night...even let her foster mom sleep in! She gets along great with our lab and fights for position on "Dad's" lap. She seems to be totally house broken and so far walks well on leash. Right now she is sleeping at my feet while I am on the computer. All in all a really good girl! - Debbie, Lily's Foster "Mom"

Frodo (ADOPTED) is one of our newest additions. He is a great all around guy - calm and happy to hang out quietly with you when inside, yet very lively and ready to go when outside. He listens well, is extremely friendly, super happy and and pretty good on leash. He know 'sit', is very compliant and lets anyone handle him. We also believe that he is house trained; and he doesn't seem to care about chickens (if you have them). Young and playful, Frodo loves to play ball, and is definitely a 'ball dog.'  He is simply the best companion - satisfied to hang out under your desk with you while you work.

Everyone who has met him has fallen in love with him or remarked, "Wow, what a great dog!"

Frodo weighs 37 lbs. and we believe he is 12-18 mos. old. He is currently recovering from some minor injuries, and limps on his front leg. X-rays show that his bones and joints are fine. With supervision to take it easy, we believe he should heal up and be back to normal again. We will be monitoring his progress through his foster and will keep you informed when new information about him becomes available.

Welcome Frodo!

Chance (Adopted) is sweet as they come.  She is a border collie and cattle dog mix, about 1 year old.  Her personality seems to be more border collie, as she is quiet, reserved, and very attentive.  She also holds her gorgeous tail low, like a border collie, and has the softest fur. 

Chance very much wants to bond closely with someone, and adoringly follows her foster mom (and dad) around the house.  She ignores the resident cats in her foster home. Chance is a very sweet soul, who wants to please.  She needs people who will help build her confidence, as she is a little unsure of herself and timid in new situations or around new people.  When outside, Chance loves to play and run. 

She quickly learned to use a doggie door to go out to do her business.  She does not seem to have any bad habits - no chewing or digging, etc.  She is great about checking in with her people, and does not try to escape or run off. Her foster mom says she will make someone the best Christmas present EVER!


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