Happy Tails

Blitz (ADOPTED) is a red cattle dog mix, about a year old, and weighs about  30 lbs. Blitz is very sweet and loves to cuddle. In true cattle dog fashion, more than anything, he is looking to bond with his own person/people. He is very mindful of when you tell him something and will immediately do what you tell him. He is as loyal as they come and will never go far from you or from his home.

Blitz is great with other dogs, and loves to play with both people and dogs, and would be very happy in a home with another dog to play with. He is a moderate energy level dog, who is a super loving, happy, fun and silly guy. He loves toys and balls, and enjoys playing fetch with balls and frisbees.  He will bring toys to you to invite you to play. Blitz is a bit of a talker. He will grunt and groan when he is tired and resting or when he is trying to tell you he wants something.

He is completely housebroken, and currently in a house with cats and doing well with them. He rides very well in a car, and is learning to walk nicely on leash. Blitz would be a great agility or sport dog.  He is extremely attentive and eager to please - especially if you have treats! He is crate trained and knows several commands such as: sit, down, spin, drop, tug, turn, and come.

Since Blitz is mostly cattle dog/heeler, he needs people experienced with dogs, who can give him structure and clear direction. He is a little fearful when some strangers enter his home and will want to run to the door and bark. He needs people who can make him understand that he is safe and that it is not his job to sound the "intruder alert." He is very responsive when you tell him to stop and will come right back to you.  As with other young cattle dogs, his people need to give him plenty of one-on-one time, and work with him to give him guidance to learn what is appropriate and how to channel his desire for a purpose and to keep his very quick brain occupied. His desire to please, treat motivation, and both mental and physical quickness are the reasons we believe he would be a great agility or other sport dog.  He can be a bit 'mouthy' and sometimes tries to communicate using his mouth. For this reason, he may not do well in a home with small children. 


Cheyenne Rose (Adopted) After months in a shelter system seeing her pups grow and get adopted, Cheyenne Rose became our rescue dog. Here is our Cheyenne Rose in her new and very happy home! As you can see, everyone is thrilled!

She is possibly the best dog anyone could ask for. She is great with everyone, every animal, completely trained, responds instantly, and is as happy, friendly and sweet as they come. She weighs 50 lbs. and is about 2 years old.

When it's time to play, Cheyenne Rose loves to play ball or chase a frisbee. When it's time to be inside, she knows it's quiet time to rest. Cheyenne Rose is excellent with cats, children, all dogs, and people. She is also fine around chickens and horses. She walks well on leash, but is almost better when off leash! Cheyenne Rose will listen and respond to commands immediately. If called to 'come' she will be at your side and sit instantly. Cheyenne Rose also knows sit, stay, down, and probably other commands that we are not aware of.

Cheyenne Rose is house-trained. During the short time at her foster home, she has learned to use a doggie door. One of the other dogs also taught her how to open the sliding glass door with her nose. She loves to ride in a car or truck and will jump right in. Cheyenne Rose is quiet and fine when left alone in a vehicle or at home.

We rescued Cheyenne Rose from a shelter, where she had been in their system for months. She had a litter of puppies at the shelter, and raised her litter. Her babies were all adopted, but Cheyenne Rose remained. Someone fostered her for the shelter, long enough to recover from nursing and then her spay surgery. When she was returned to the shelter into the 'adoptable' dogs section, Cheyenne Rose became extremely depressed and withdrawn. She sat sadly at the back of her kennel, and was soon no longer considered 'adoptable.' Her only option was to be rescued or PTS. The day we took her, she was the happiest girl you could ever meet, bursting with love and affection for everyone she met.

Cheyenne Rose's foster dad says she is a "total sweetheart" and "just a great dog." We cannot say enough good things about this girl. In short, this is a fantastic dog!

Rosie (ADOPTED!) is a little over a year old and is not a super high energy dog. She is a bit timid but once she knows her person is very loving and a great companion. She does have a bit of separation anxiety so she might be better off in a home with someone who is either retired or works from the house. She is great with all dogs and is living with three at the present. Rosie does not have a mean bone in her body but will chase a cat if only for the fun of it. She is mostly housebroken but may need a little work on that. She also loves riding in the car.

Rosie's foster said she is like having a present every single day...a beautiful, gentle girl. But you do have to have a strong fence when she is outside as she prefers to be an indoor companion.

To inquire about Rosie please contact Mary at All Aboard Rescue: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or 707-526-0970


Samantha (Sammi) (Adopted!) is a snuggler and a sweetheart. She is about 1 year old and weighs 46 lbs. Sammi has a strong desire for human affection and attention. She loves being petted. She has the cattle dog desire to be with you where ever you go. If sitting at your desk or watching television, Sammi likes to be near or touching you, and will lay at your feet under your desk or lean on your legs.

Sammi loves soft, squeaky toys and tennis balls. As a young dog, she is happy and playful. Sammi will bring her toys to you to try to entice you to play with her. She is eager to please, listens well and immediately minds what people say to her. She is extremely smart and her foster mom says she wants to be a good dog.
Sammi is a love bug, and likes to spontaneously come to you to shower you with kisses. If you lavish attention on her, she can become very excited and become a bit mouthy if she gets carried away in an effort to play. In her desire to play, she will sometimes grab and pull on your hand, sleeve or pant leg.
This young girl is very good with other dogs. She interacts well with other dogs and wants to be friends with them. She is interested in cats, but not too active about it. At this time, we cannot yet say how she will interact with cats. Every indication, so far, is that Sammi is house trained. She will go to the door to signal that she needs to go out. There have been no accidents, and she know how to use the doggie door. Our girl is clearly comfortable in a house, and loves the comfort of getting up on an overstuffed armchair or sofa. She will need to be taught the "off" command.
Sammi knows 'sit,' but needs to learn basic obedience training. Sammi does not like going into a crate, but when once inside a crate, she is quiet and very good. She can be good on leash, but when very excited, she will go in several directions at once. Sammi's foster mom is working with her on basic obedience and crate training.
As a very smart, young dog, barely out of puppyhood, Sammi will need lots of activities to keep her mind and body busy. She is NOT a super energetic dog. But, as a moderately active dog, she still will need daily exercise and activities to keep her occupied and stimulated. When she is happy and playing in your company, she is not destructive. However, if left alone and bored for a long period, she will find her own 'toys' and entertainment - she will dig and chew on things, such as garden hoses and gardening tool handles.
In summary, Sammi is a super sweet, loving and wonderful companion. She is a very fast and motivated learner, who is more than halfway to being a perfect pet. She is still very puppyish in her desire to play and need for guidance, and daily exercise.

Cowboy (ADOPTED!) is a young dog, between 1-2 years old, of moderate energy, and weighs about 58 lbs. He is an extremely friendly boy, who is great with all people and dogs. This boy is a bit shy and unsure of himself in new unfamiliar situations. He loves to play with fuzzy toys and run to fetch the ball. He is ready to play, if you signal that it's play time, but he is also willing to sit quietly, when he sees that it's time to relax and be calm. He is NOT a chewer. 

In true cattle dog fashion, he wants to stay very close to his person. He enjoys human contact and to be petted. He is a very grateful, loving dog, eager to trust and belong somewhere. He is very big on giving kisses (nice kisses --not slobbery ones). On his first evening with his foster mom, he was so grateful for his food, that every few bites, he would go over to give her kisses. Cowboy loves to be petted, and will drop to the ground and go belly up to beg for more. He is very attentive and responsive to people. He is very good about coming when called.

Cowboy is very quiet and has very good manners inside the house. When we first rescued him, he was super excited and jumped up on us desperately begging us to save him. After a single night in his new foster home, the only time he may jump up, is very gently to give you kisses. He tries to be careful not to bowl people over. Cowboy very much wants a person of his own and will bond quickly with someone. He seems to understand that he needs to fit in. He is very smart, and tries very hard to figure out how to do what is expected of him. Even when confused, tries to figure out what you want. He very much wants to please and will be easy to train.
Cowboy is beginning to understand how to walk on leash. He knows sit and lay down, although, as a young dog, when excited or confused may forget these commands. His foster mom has just begun taking him to obedience training classes. Although Cowboy is gentle when he is thinking about his actions, he can be very powerful when very excited and stimulated. He is very strong and muscular and, in his desire to meet other dogs, can pull very hard on leash, or bowl you over if playing hard. In normal circumstances, and with verbal guidance, he understands not to pull, and will be gentle on leash.
Cowboy is also curious and wants to be friends with other dogs. He is submissive around other dogs, and will immediately submit around a more dominant dog. He is also pretty much house trained, with his foster mom is working with him on it. Cowboy seems to know and is fine with cats. He does NOT chase cats.
We believe Cowboy's tendency to be shy and a little afraid in new, unfamiliar situations, could be the result of a very sheltered life, and lack of exposure to new things. Cowboy needs a bit of confidence building, and exposure to new places and situations in the world. He needs people who will show him fun activities in new places, while letting him know he is safe, loved and secure.


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