Happy Tails

altDobby is a sweet and gentle soul who wasted no time in finding a forever home. We did not even get the chance to know him well before he was whisked off to his new life! Good job, Dobby!

Lava (ADOPTED!) Lava is in his forever home with his new person Renee and three other siblings! Good work Lava! You look relaxed and happy in your new surroundings! We at HITTGV could not be more happy for you!
He is about 18 months to 2 years old. He weighs 44 lbs. and is a very happy guy with a very sweet disposition. He loves people and wants human companionship more than anything. He will bond quickly to one or more persons. He respects and listens to people, and very much wants to please. These qualities should make him easy to train.
Although Lava is playful and has energy, he is also content to sit quietly with you and soak up human attention. Lava walks fairly well and gently on leash, and he is house trained. He loves riding in a truck or car. Lava is extremely observant and loves watching everything that happens around him. He has some prey drive, and likes to chase large birds (ravens, vultures...). He is curious about cats, but we have not seen him interact directly with them.
He is a bit insecure and does not like to be on his own. Lava is good and likes to play with other dogs. Lava would probably do well with a  submissive and/or female dog, as he would likely try to be the lead dog in a multi-dog household.
As a fairly young dog, Lava would do well in a moderately active to very active household. He will need both mental and physical activity. Lava is a wonderful and loving dog. With a little bit of time, exercise, and training, we are confident that Lava would be the best companion.

altRocky (ADOPTED) is almost 11 months old; a beautiful border collie and shepherd mix who is about 45 pounds. He is very friendly with people and is extremely friendly and playful with other dogs.  He is NOT a dominant dog and will go with the flow, quickly realized when exposed to 8 other dogs at one of our foster sites. Rocky did well with everyone and just wanted to play. He does have a lot of energy and loves to play ball.

Rocky will need some basic obedience training. He never wants to let the party end and may protest a bit when left alone.  His former owner says he's completely house trained and crate trained as well. He also does well with cats and children.

Rocky will bond closely with his people; a sweet and gentle soul who will make the most devoted companion. And look at his beautiful smile!


Sandy (ADOPTED!) is a 3 year old female, half border collie and half samoyed that is full of lots of energy. She is a very loving girl, wonderful with children of all ages from toddlers to teens. She is very playful, loves toys of all kinds especially balls. She loves to play catch!
Sandy rides nicely in a car, and walks well on leash. She does walk best with a harness or Gentle Leader. She is completely house trained and has NO destructive behavior at all, unless you count mistaking the baby's stuffed toy for one of her own! :-D
Sandy has not met very many other dogs, but after a proper introduction she is good with other medium to large dogs. She wants to chase very small dogs, and may not be suitable for a home with chihuahua sized dogs. Sandy got along with the cat in her former home, but it took 6 months of work so it would probably be best if she were adopted to a family without cats.
She is also a good watch dog, who will bark when people approach the house or come to the door. If friends come by, she will bark initially, but will quiet down quickly and welcome them into the house.
When her former owners moved to a condo, she began barking at all the animals she saw parading by the windows. Her former owners realized that Sandy was miserable cooped up all day inside without access to a yard and decided it would be best for her if she went to another home. Sandy is a great dog, who would do best in a home with a yard and/or people who are fairly active so that she could run and release her pent-up energy. She is up to date on her shots, Frontline flea/tick, and the vet gave her an A+ health report card. And, as you can see, she is a real beauty too!


Peaches (ADOPTED) is an absolute doll.  She would be THE best companion for someone who is looking for a loving, devoted, only dog.  We believe Peaches is around 3 or 4 years old, and weighs about 45 lbs.

Peaches is a love -- extremely sweet, quiet, and affectionate with everyone she meets  - being very generous with a lot of kisses thrown in!  She loves to ride in the car and is completely house trained.  She is very smart and observant and quickly learned to sit for treats. Although she is cattle dog through and through, Peaches is a moderate energy dog.
She has learned to love soft toys and playing ball, although when she first made a squirrel toy squeak, she was very concerned that she hurt it.  She is not busy, and is not a chewer.  Peaches has NO separation anxiety at all as she is fine sitting by herself.  She is a perfect little dog in almost every way.

We believe Peaches would be a great family dog.  She is very attentive and responsive to people, and extremely trainable.  As with nearly all cattle dogs, Peaches is looking to bond closely with a person or people of her own, and become a velcro dog.  Peaches has been recently spayed and is current on all her vaccinations.

Peaches has one issue.  She is afraid of other dogs, when she sees them or knows that one is approaching.  We do think that Peaches could learn to live with another (female) dog, but it would take patience and a very slow introduction.  Whoever adopts Peaches must be willing to work with her over time to help her overcome her fear of other dogs, or must have a situation where she won't be around other dogs.

With a little time and effort, Peaches would be the perfect loving companion and partner in life.


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