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For everyone who has followed Dee's story, here is an update:

Her new (adopted) name is Evey, and she is very, very close to her ideal weight of 45 lbs.!  As of May 2016, our most trusting, accepting, loving and happy girl is now 47 lbs., which is half of her weight when she was dumped at the shelter last June!  Now that she is close to her ideal weight her new owners are preparing for her much needed dental exam, cleaning and possible extraction of a bad tooth that we wanted to do for her from the beginning. We will be continuing to help her, by working with her adopter and new veterinarians. Thank you everyone for all your help and support! 


Jet (ADOPTED!) is a very friendly, happy, playful, and quiet young female. She is the best combination of a Lab and cattle dog mixture!  She has the compact body and shape of a cattle dog, but her head, color, and much of her body language is very Lab-like. Jet weighs 52 lbs. and we estimate that she is 18 to 24 months old. She adores human attention and very much wants to please people. Jet is still has the happy and excitable personality of a young pup, and as such, needs someone who is willing to work to teach her appropriate behavior and manners in different situations. She is, on average, a moderate energy dog, who runs and plays all out for an hour, and like a human child, once told to stop and rest, she will realize she is tired and flop down. When anyone approaches her, she lowers her head and wags her tail sheepishly, often dropping to the floor to go belly up at your feet. Once she feels safe, with people and/or in a situation she trusts, Jet is very social, hurrying to greet you, be by your side, and rolls over for pets. She loves meeting and playing with other dogs, but her favorite thing is being with people.

Jet’s foster mom says her personality is very much Lab. If you give her toys to play with, she likes to carry a toy in her mouth as she greet people or just walking around, happily wiggling her tail and butt. Jet also has several cattle dog traits in her, including being very much a velcro dog. She is very focused on knowing where her foster mom is, and almost literally being in her shadow.  Also, when she actively plays with some dogs, she may sometimes try to go for their heels when chasing, and we heard the high pitched stress bark of a cattle dog, when something exciting was happening that she could not participate in.  A trait that can be either Lab or cattle dog, is Jet's love of balls. At first, when excitedly discovering a ball, she proudly brought it to her foster mom, who threw it for her to chase. Instead of running after it, Jet looked at her in surprise, as if to say, “I just brought that to you. Why did you throw it away?!” Now, she loves to catch and chase the ball, but still doesn’t bring it back. She does not like going into a crate, but if forced to go into one, she will sit quietly.  She much prefers to be right at her person’s side, where she feels happy and safe, and be part of whatever is happening. Jet is completely housebroken and walks like a dream on leash. She tends to walk a nose behind your knee.  As a young, playful dog, if she has not been exercised, she may initially pull at the beginning of a walk, or if she sees a squirrel or another dog she wants to meet. If you tell her to walk in a different direction or to leave something alone, she is very easy about coming with you. 

Jet is equally easy and super responsive around children as she is with adults, as long as they don’t scare her. She tends to be very quiet, even when excitedly seeing other dogs she wants to meet. She will wag and pull to meet and play with another dog, but doesn't make a sound. As she is gains confidence, we are seeing that, while she is very submissive with all people, she attitude concerning other dogs. Recently, when meeting another larger dog, she sniffed in a friendly way to meet, but her tail started in an upright, confident position, before wagging. While she is friendly with and enjoys playing with other dogs, if an aggressive dog lunges or snaps at her, Jet will defend herself, rather than be a victim. When she is in a yard and hears or senses other dogs or activity on the other side, she will bark a few times when she hears the activity. She will also alert you if someone is near the house. With cats in her foster home, Jet initially followed them around, looking for an opportunity to interact. We were watchful, as she followed them and tried poking them with her nose. We believe she was trying to get them to run and play with her. 

Our girl was considered “not adoptable” by the shelter because she was fearful in the shelter, but otherwise was considered the sweetest, friendliest, most gentle girl. Jet can be initially shy and cautious in unfamiliar, new situations.  If she is with people she trusts in a fun situation, she may feel secure, happy and playful, but if in a new unknown situation, she may be cautiously alert  and give out a sheepish, insecure (but not threatening) woof at an approaching person who she is unsure of.  As a young dog, Jet will need people who will provide her with the love, training, and regular exercise that she needs. With a basically shy personality, she would do best in an active, yet calm situation, where she can feel relaxed and secure. Going to new places with her people and being exposed to new places and experiences will help her to slowly continue to become more confident. Jet would do very well in a multi-dog household.

If you are interested in meeting Jet, we ask you to begin by completing our adoption questionnaire (online form or download a hard copy). Please click on the Adopt tab near the top of the page, and scroll down to find the online Adoption Form. You can email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you have any questions about Jet or our process.

Gypsy Stand Smile Gypsy (ADOPTED!) is a quiet, senior, female, cattle dog mix, who weighs 29 lbs.  She is friendly and sweet when meeting people. She wags the little bit of tail that she has quite a bit, and her foster mom says she has a wiggle butt.  Gypsy especially likes to follow her foster dad around the house.  She is good with and likes other dogs who are friendly, but it takes her a few minutes to be brave enough to meet them (and may want to observe them from behind your legs), especially if they are energetic and eager to play. She is fine around the two cats at her foster home. Gypsy walks easily on leash and rides quietly in a car.  She is excellent with all people.  She is another sibling to the young girls in her foster home, and they often nap on the bed together.

She was found in the rain, walking in a busy street and was almost hit by a car.  Gypsy was completely filthy, smelled terrible.  She is all bathed and groomed now, but judging from the condition of her teeth, ears, and nails, she was - at best - terribly neglected for much of her life.  We now believe that she may have been tied to a pole/post for most of her life, as she recently had a meltdown, when her foster mom began tying her leash to a post for a few minutes.

We have worked with our veterinarian to address the infection in her ears, perform a full dental exam, cleaning, and periodontal issues, etc. to get her to the picture of senior health.  We believe that she has regained a bit of hearing and hope it will continue to improve as she continues to recover from the ear infection and foxtail damage. Otherwise, she appears to be quite healthy - and happy to finally be in a home and have a clean place to sleep.  After all that she’s been through, and a big travel and veterinary visit day when she arrived, she slept like a rock. Her foster mom said when she carried Gypsy from the sofa into the bedroom, she didn't even wake up.

Typical of a herding dog, Gypsy loves playing ball, although it isn't quite a game of fetch.  She will run out and chase the ball, pick it up, drop it and look at you to throw it for her again.  She is a wonderfully, sweet, easy, senior girl who deserves to live out her life in a quiet, comfortable home.  Gypsy is housebroken and walks very nicely on leash.

Please check back soon.  We will update Gypsy's description with more information as we learn more about her. Or, if you may be interested in her and have questions, please call us at: (707) 583-9583.  We ask potential adopters to click on the Adopt tab on our website and complete our online adoption questionnaire.

Wylie  (ADOPTED!)  is a very sweet, calm, easy going, 8 year old male, who weighs approximately 57 lbs.  He is half catahoula leopard dog.  Our boy is very social with all people and all dogs.  He has been a lovely pet for a young family, but they were just too busy for him. Wylie was living in a home with two children, ages 2 and 4, a Pomeranian dog and two cats, who loved rubbing up against him.  When introduced to 2 cats at his foster home, he was fine with them, if they remained still.  If they ran, he would run, too, and chase.  As with any dog, he just needs a loving home, where his people have the time to interact with him, take him for walks, involve him in their everyday activities, and give him the mental and physical stimulation that he needs.  Wylie is an extremely loving, loyal boy, who wants to please his family.  He is NOT a dominant or alpha dog, and looks for your lead and direction.  If he understands what you want, he will try to do it.  He learns and trains easily, and is up for being a part of any activity you are involved with.  Wylie is also housebroken.  

He loves going for walks on a leash, but needs some running to get enough exercise each day.  Wylie loves to run and play with other dogs and with children.  He also is big on playing fetch (with a ball or stick), or just going hiking or on an adventure with his person.  Before his person had children, and had time for Wylie, one boy adored sitting next to his person on rides in the truck, going out on a boat, and running around a ranch.  While Wylie can be playful when outside, when in the house, he is calm and knows how to relax.  

Wylie has not been a big barker, but he will do so when he is excitedly playing, or in anticipation of a fun activity.  After being alone all day, when Wylie's people come home or finally let him inside, he may also bark out of sheer joy.  And, if someone is approaching or outside the house, Wylie will also let out a bark to alert you that someone is coming.
This dog would do very well in a multiple pet home situation, where he can play and have the companionship of adults, children, dogs and cats.  Wylie is a bright boy and if with other dogs, he will learn by their example.  We are seeking a new home for Wylie, where he can get the love, attention and activity he craves and deserves.  He would do best in a situation where his person, either, works from home, has a ranch/farm, or is retired and wants a companion to share his/her life with Wylie.

March Update:
We have had a lot of interest in Wylie, but have recently learned that, due to the neglect that he has experienced, he has developed a few personality traits that require him to be - at least in the beginning, until he feels secure and included again - in a home where someone can be with him, or take him along, throughout most of the day.  If left alone outside, after several minutes, he will decide he has been abandoned and will seek ways to leave his property in search of playmates, and something to do.  If left alone, he will jump a fence or dig out under it.  He does NOT like being in a crate, especially if left alone in one.  Wylie would NOT do well in an apartment situation or one where he is left alone for hours during the work week.  

Wylie is a wonderful boy who is just a love.  He just needs people who have the time, patience, and commitment to help him to realize that everything he craves and seeks can be found at home.  We feel sure that once he learns that he is a fully included part of a family, he will stop trying to wander off in search of company and entertainment. 

Rue (ADOPTED!) is approximately 12-18 months old, and weighs between 35-40 lbs. She has a quiet, gentle and very sweet personality. She meets all people and animals very politely, and loves to play running games with other dogs. Rue has a soft personality and is a very loving girl. However, as a young herding breed dog, she needs her exercise, playtime and guidance.

Rue rides very quietly, and nicely in a car, sometimes putting her head out the window to sniff the air. She is an extremely bright and attentive girl, who adores human companionship and attention. Rue is very happy be your own personal shadow, following right at your heels. She stays so close, that if you stop suddenly, she may bump into your leg. She will sit for treats, and takes them very nicely. Rue met our fosters' three other dogs very nicely, and tried to make friends with their cat, who swatted her several times. She put up with the swats and it was clear that she is great around cats. We have not yet seen Rue around children. She has shown no interest in her fosters' chickens, and was a little fearful when seeing the pigs for the first = time.

Our girl walks fairly nicely on leash, but could use a little work to be perfect. Rue seems to be completely house trained and crate trained. She is wonderful when playing with other active playful dogs, and can run like the wind! Rue could be a useful stock dog. Her foster mom tested her on sheep, and Rue does have some herding instinct. During their herding session, Rue herded the sheep, but when she tried to direct them using a nip to the heels, it was so soft that the sheep didn't react at all! For a cattle dog, Rue tends to have a very well easy, go with the flow personality. However, she is still cattle dog with a mind of her own. When her foster made Rue sit on the sidelines after her turn herding, to give her own dog a turn with the sheep, Rue protested with a demanding bark to tell her that she was not happy on the sidelines. It was her first time and she was having fun. Once Rue learns routines and situations, she will understand what to expect.

Rue would do very well in a multiple pet home situation, where she can continue to play with and have the companionship of both humans and other dogs and maybe cats. Since Rue is still very young, we are seeking a home for her that will have the ability to reinforce her good behavior, give her structure and basic obedience training, as well as the exercise, play time, socialization, and loving care that this very sweet soul deserves.

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